Monday, October 6, 2008

Homophobia Ponsonby???

Dear Readers,

Upon a late night wander home after watching the genius jizz 'n' buttfuck fest Shortbus at a friends house, a middle range Japanese imported car pulled up beside me.

Naturally, I was wearing wide legged pleated Zambesi trousers, a brown velvet blazer, beige pashmina, and a cutey little woollen striped beanie with a pom-pom.

The car pulling up did not concern me. Hey, I was in Ponsonby, that liberal, gentrified to fuck parody of Auckland Suburban Life. Surely there was to be no hollering from passenger seats that a gentleman like myself could expect on Queen Street in such an outfit.

In the car, a gaggle of pretty young girlie things in dresses and Toni & Guy dye-jobs giggled loudly. In the front seat, in all her Takapuna Grammer Glory, an early twenty-something slag yelled out to me, holding a condom:

"We're doing a promotional hand-out of condoms. Put in a Vagina, not an Arsehole!"

The only clear response was "Go back to the suburbs....Like you have a Vagina, Honey"

Sometimes I wish I had AIDS so I could bleed over these useless fucking bags of pampered princesses and show them what prejudice is really about.....

1 comment:

nomis said...

one of those situations where you have to defecate in your hand and throw it at them in order to convey your point.. go shortbus.. go our flat..